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About us

Honey Bunny was founded in 2022 by an international couple from the Czech Republic and USA. Ondřej and Meleana are passionate about creating a space that is developmentally enriching while above all fostering the innate curiosity of our children. After years of experience working in schools worldwide, we incorporate all that we've learned to our approach at Honey Bunny.

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Meleana Spera

Director & Teacher

Meleana's very first teaching position was in 2011 at a special education preschool in New York. In 2015 she moved to Prague and continued working in primary schools, nurseries, and preschools.


Teaching has brought her all around the world – from the US to Australia, Asia, and finally to Europe. After more than 10 years of experience with children, she couldn't be more excited to start her newest adventure: Honey Bunny. 


Fani Pantazi

Main Teacher

Fani is an enthusiastic educator hailing from Greece with a specialization in Special Education. Her teaching journey began in 2018 after completing her studies at the University of Macedonia. Over the years, Fani has had the opportunity to work in diverse schools across Greece, including private institutions, engaging summer schools, and enriching camps.


With a TEFL certificate and proficiency in Braille for both Greek and English, Fani is dedicated to promoting inclusive education and ensuring access to learning for all. Her true passion lies in creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment, where students' growth and progress are celebrated as sources of fulfillment and inspiration.


Muska Kayembe

Main Teacher

Muska graduated in 2015 with a double major in English and Psychology. She later continued her post-graduate honours at the University of Connecticut in the US. She specialises in child developmental psychology and gained hands-on experience using play therapy as a Yes mentor for Child in Guidance Southern Connecticut.


She moved to Prague and then got her TEFL teaching certificate and started working as an English native speaker in Czech elementary schools. Muska truly believes that children learn best through play and strives to achieve this in her classroom by making learning fun! 

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Eszter Perjámosy-Horváth

Main Teacher

Eszter graduated as a primary school teacher in 2017 and worked in the Hungarian educational system. After a few years of teaching, she left home to work and travel in Scotland, Italy, and Greece. She moved to Prague this year to start the next chapter of her life and to return to the teaching profession.


She specializes in art, art history, and handcrafting and loves to spend time painting, drawing, and developing her skills. She is excited to share her knowledge and love of art with children.

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Annie Derose

Assistant Teacher

Annie graduated with her bachelor’s degree in social work in 2015. She has always had a passion for working with children. During her studies, she worked alongside children and families in crisis and need. After her studies, she continued as a social worker in California for a year.

In 2016 Annie arrived in Prague to obtain her TEFL certificate. She worked in several Czech preschools and gained experience working with diverse and educational communities. Annie has been trained by other teachers in the Montessori approach to teaching. She uses this method with openness and kindness.


Annie believes it is something special to be a part of the learning process for children. It is wonderful to support and guide children in discovering through play and communication. 


Esra Diren

Assistant Teacher

Esra is from Turkey and moved to Prague to study a Master's in Biomedicine at Czech Technical University. After a long and busy program, she took a break and started to take care of children. Her journey with childcare took off from there.

During her time in Prague, she has provided care for babies, infants, and children from four months to six years old with over 20 different families of all backgrounds and nationalities. While spending time with children in different age groups, she developed a creative mindset, multitasking skills, and being sensitive to children's needs. She is always inspired by children's creative minds and loves working with them.

Esra loves to learn new things and to seek new experiences. In her free time, she also likes being active and creative with exercises, meditation and yoga, dance, cooking, and traveling.

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Jana Svobodová

Assistant Teacher

Jana is originally from Chynov, but has been living in Prague for the last few years. She is a certified nanny with a university specialization in art from the Faculty of Art and Design in Plzen.


Over the years, Jana has worked in a variety of different childcare, kindergarten, and arts positions with children ranging from 18 months up to 18 years. She is very excited to get the chance to introduce new creative ideas to our classes while working with us at Honey Bunny.


Viktorie Picková

Assistant Teacher

Viky is originally from Hořice, Czech Republic and moved to Prague in 2017 to earn a degree in Special Education.


Since 2018 she has worked as a teacher's assistant in a primary school, taught children with special needs, and also spent time caring for babies.

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Marie Pakostová

Assistant Teacher

Marie has always known she wanted to work with children. Originally from Prague, she started babysitting for her relatives after graduation and then continued nannying for families around the city. She is now a certified nanny and has been working at a nursery taking care of the youngest children from 10 months and up.


In her free time, she enjoys cooking, crafting, drawing, and spending time outside. She knows that working with children will always have a special place in her heart, and she is very excited to join our team!

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Daria Sulakova

Assistant Teacher

Daria is originally from Ukraine, and while living there, she graduated with a degree in English philology.


She has always wanted to work with children and is very excited for the opportunity to learn new things and gain new experiences. In her free time, Daria loves to read, cook, and travel. 


This could be you


Our new teacher

We are looking for an energetic, passionate, qualified and creative teachers who are ready to join our team and help our little friends learn and grow.


If you interested in either part time or a full time job at our school, please send your CV and a short message introducing yourself to We look forward to hearing from you!


Ondřej Mazura


Originally from Žamberk, Czech Republic, Ondřej moved to Prague in 2011, where he completed his degree in Pedagogy. He has been organizing weekend events and summer camps for children ever since.


Currently working at Czech TV, he brings his experience and passion for video and photography to Honey Bunny. He is looking forward to capturing beautiful moments during the school year to share with you.

Join our team

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