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We are excited to offer a variety of activities and clubs in the afternoons for children with a full-day program.


Nature Club

It's never too early to start appreciating the world around us. Our Nature Club guides children in their exploration of all aspects of nature – plants, animals, and how to care for our planet.

Music and Movement

There are so many benefits of including music class into our weekly routine. It gives children a space to creatively express themselves, teaches rhythm and patterns, and contributes to their overall brain development.

Cooking Club

Cooking is a great way to get children excited about what's on their plate! We focus on participating in hands-on preparation, learning about math and measurements, and gaining exposure to foods from around the world.

Yoga Lesson

Our weekly yoga lesson is an opportunity for our children to have fun while developing their coordination and balance. Yoga is a great way for children to practice healthy emotional regulation and bodily awareness from a young age.

Czech Club

At Honey Bunny, we know how important it is to expose children to languages while their brains are still developing. For this reason, our school values bilingualism and helping our children to be able to express themselves in Czech in a structured environment.


Older groups take bi-monthly trips to explore all that our beautiful Prague has to offer. Some trip highlights include: museum exhibitions, visits to local farmer’s markets, trips to the zoo, dino park, plays and performances, visiting the local library, and so much more.

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